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Ant Control in Lee's Summit

Reliable Ant Control and Extermination in Lee Summit, MO

If you start noticing ants in your kitchen, you know you’ve got a problem. The first step is to head to the hardware store to buy ant traps. Set those around your kitchen in areas that you’ve seen ants congregate. They’ll grab the bait inside and bring it back to the colony, hopefully feeding everyone and the queen. And then the whole colony will die.

That’s the idea,anyway. Unfortunately, the warm summer weather in Lee Summit is ideal for growing ant colonies. During the warm summer months, they explode in size. Before you know it, those hardware store ant traps aren’t going to solve the problem. And when you start to notice swarming winged ants around, it’s a sign that things have gone too far. It’s time to call an expert exterminator you can trust.

It’s time to call All Pest Services.

Consultation and House Visit

Every extermination job begins with a house visit and consultation. Before we plan out how to deal with your infestation, we need to know what the situation is. For example, what kind of ants do are you having a problem with? Are they carpenter ants that are damaging the structural integrity of your Lee's Summit home? Are they fire ants that are harassing you, your children, or your beloved pet? Are they odorous house ants that are stinking up your home?

We’ll also need to figure out where the colony is. About how big it is. What their habits are. Whether there are satellite colonies. We need to think a little like ants. To get into their heads. Finally, we take all this information and put it together to create a plan of action that’ll get rid of your ant problem as soon as possible.

What Kind of Ants Do I Have?

Several types of ants are indigenous to the Lee's Summitt area. Ants typically become an issue within your home in the spring or fall. If you suspect your home has an ant infestation, All Pest Services would be glad to lend our expertise and assess the situation. Different types of ants will have different effects on your home, so it’s important to determine the type as soon as possible.

Carpenter Ants

These are relatively large, recognizable ants. Contrary to popular belief, they do not eat wood, feeding instead on plant juices or rodents. However, they do nest in wood, whether sound or rotting. Carpenter ants present issues not only because of the infestation, but because of the structural damage that they can do to wood. Indoors, they live in wood (often softened by fungus rot or water damage), insulation, or wall space. Outdoors, they are found in rotting wooden structures such as fence posts, stumps, fallen trees, or old firewood. Carpenter ants can be brought indoors by firewood, windows, HVAC, and cables, and they are frequently mistaken for termites due to their penchant for wood.

Field Ants

As the name suggests, field ants are known for inhabiting open spaces and fields, as well as woodlands. While they do not invade homes, they build and live in large mounds which may cause problems to landscaping or property. The mounds often hinder the growth of grass and other property plants. Additionally, field ants pinch the skin when disturbed by humans and spray formic acid on the wound, creating a stinging sensation.

Odorous House Ant

Odorous house ants create nests in wall or floor voids. They enter homes in search of food, and generally nest in kitchen pantries or cupboards. They are commonly encountered having contaminated food products, drawn particularly to sweets or meats. Odorous house ants do bite, but there is no pain associated. They get their name due to the unpleasant, rotten coconut-like odor they emit when their bodies have been crushed.

Acrobat Ant

These are very small ants that inhabit sections of rotten wood. They are relatively non-invasive but can still present a serious nuisance to a homeowner. Acrobat ants are seen generally on wires, utility lines, and pipes coming from the walls. Homeowners should also verify for signs of moisture damage around the structure of the home, which can attract the ants.

Pavement Ant

Pavement ants reside in concrete and pavements, and generally make their presence known in June or July. While generally harmless to humans, they are highly aggressive towards members of their own species. Their trails are most easily spotted at night, and they can also live under stones and cracks of pavement.

Pharaoh Ant

While pharaoh ants are small in stature, an infestation presents huge problems, particularly within the medical and food industries. They can carry infections and have been found to transmit more than 12 infections orgasms. Their small size means they can easily forage into houses and buildings in a variety of ways.

Whatever your ant infestation, All Pest Services has the expertise to fully and rapidly eliminate the problem. Call today and receive a free quote.

Ant Control Treatment

Our treatment program depends on the type of ants and the severity of the infestation.

A typical treatment involves a multistage process that includes:

Tip: Do Not Use Store-Bought Ant Killer

We know that having an ant infestation can be frustrating. When it gets to be too much, many people jump the gun and head to the corner store to buy insecticide spray. While these sprays may kill ants on the spot, they don’t take account of the fact that ants are smart. When they smell the residue of an ant killer spray in their path, they’ll find another access point. In other words, it won’t actually affect the colony at all.

When ants change their trails, it becomes difficult for the exterminator to find the colony itself. The best thing to do is to leave it be and wait for the professionals.

If you have an ant control problem in Lee's Summit, call All Pest Services today!

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